Rome Parking is owned by T.PARKOLOSSEUM s.r.l.s.

On sites named Rome Parking it is possible to reserve a parking area within the parked car network agreed in the following ways:

– Advance payment

– Reservation with parking payment


Subject of service

The following instructions govern the relationship between Rome Parking (hereinafter referred to as ROMEPARKING) and the user of that service (hereinafter referred to as USER).

ROMEPARKING has the object of booking services relating to the parking areas published on the site and linked sites.

Availability of the parking areas and the related services are guaranteed and maintained by the Manager of the agreed structure.

The Manager of the contracted structure is therefore legally and exclusively responsible for the organization and maintenance of the parked vehicles at the areas identified by the USER who has booked. The Manager is also responsible for the truthfulness, correction and constant updating of the information made available on the site and the linked sites.


ROMEPARKING checks prices to offer you the best deal. Prices may increase or decrease due to seasonal variations or special offers. All prices indicated for the agreed car parks are based on online booking and are included in VAT.


A – Reservation Procedures

Reservations made through any ROMEPARKING website, once the booking process is completed, automatically generate a reservation request email.
The USER is kindly requested to make sure that you have taken note of the directions and instructions for the service booked on the site, with due regard to the location as well as the telephone number of the parking lot, as well as the details of the entry and exit procedures. This information is automatically shipped via email, but it is the responsibility of the USER to make sure that you have received them or obtained / requesting them at ROMEPARKING using the tools that ROMEPARKING makes available on the site.
It is the responsibility of the USER to obtain the correct instructions before leaving, through the site. ROMEPARKING is under no circumstances liable for the lack of booking.
Before proceeding with the reservation, the customer is kindly requested to check the parking description page on the ROMEPARKING website.
Price calculation is subject to variation depending on several factors, including booking dates, duration of stay, time / date of delivery and / or withdrawal of the vehicle.
ROMEPARKING undertakes to update in a timely manner any information regarding the substantial modifications of the services relating to the rest areas, by publishing on and associated sites, all indications provided by the Manager of the agreed structure.
Depending on the car park and the selected service, the USER may have to leave the keys of his vehicle in the car park guard. In this case, the customer must make sure that the vehicle is in a condition to travel on the road, in accordance with the traffic tax, and has a valid travel booklet before handing his vehicle to the parking lot.
The agreed parking space reserves the right to move the vehicle of the customer inside or outside the parking area (in parking property stores), if its employees consider it necessary to ensure efficient management of the ‘rest area or, in the event of an emergency, to prevent accidents and / or obstructions.
The stay at the selected car park is always subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use set by each single parking lot agreed upon. It is the responsibility of the customer to apply in advance or upon arrival on site the “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Operator” of the specific parking.
Any circumstance in which the customer is late for the normal performance of the service by the parking lot, such as incorrect compilation of the booking form, incorrect information input or delayed arrival of the customer without prior notice, could cause the service to be suspended without refund.
ROMEPARKING has no responsibility in the organization of the services related to the parking areas and therefore under no circumstances is responsible for the cancellation of the service, the variation of dates and / or hours, the inconveniences or disadvantages suffered by the user if they are connected to the organization of the contracted structure. It is the Operator of the contracted structure that takes care of and carries out the provision of the stop service and everything else connected, taking care to inform the customer about the contractual arrangements.
If the USER wishes to reduce the days of stay with respect to the original reservation, it will be at the discretion of the agreed parking lot, to pay a possible refund, net of expenses.
In no case will you be able to repay, even in part, the amount of an online payment booking where the refund request is received with a certain date after the booked entry date.
ROMEPARKING or the agreed parking space may cancel a reservation if the selected car park is unable to accept it. In such circumstances, if an online payment is made at the time of booking, this will be fully refunded by credit card or bank transfer.
ROMEPARKING may suspend its service or part of it for any technical or technical changes that may have occurred, as it may improve its service.


B – Rules governing the purchase of goods and services

Art. 1 – Relationship between USER eROMEPARKING

The USER using ROMEPARKING entrusts, in its name and on behalf of, contacting through the site the Manager of the agreed structure to arrange the parking service for the selected rest area. The USER expresses its consent by entering the required data on the web page and is required to comply with all the general conditions contained in this Regulation.

The USER using prepayment booking method corresponds to the price of the service as an advance payment, ie as “the means necessary to execute the mandate” (Article 1719 c.c.).

This Regulation, which must then be read and approved in all its parts, is automatically approved and accepted to permit termination and validation of booking procedures.


Art. 2 – Service Consideration

Advance payment of the service price is permitted with: credit card or prepaid card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, PostePay); PayPal account.


Art. 3 – Obligations of USER and credit card holder, PayPal account.

The USER is committed to seeing, reading and accepting the contractual terms of this Regulation as a condition necessary for the purchase, since these are clauses drafted in accordance with art. 3 and 4 of the Dlgs.185 / 1999 (distance contract) and art. 12 of the Dlgs. 70/03 (electronic commerce).


Art 3.1 – Effectiveness of the agreement and documentation to be retained

ROMEPARKING undertakes to send to the USER, without delay and by email, the “ROMEPARKING Reservation Request” containing a summary of the essential information regarding the service and the use of the same.

In case of prepayment reservation, the USER will have the right to receive confirmation of the transaction if you add your email address during the payment procedures.

Art. 4 – Limitations of Liability

ROMEPARKING assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages in any way connected with your service. ROMEPARKING undertakes to provide the Competent Authorities with all information in their possession without delay to enable the identification and prevention of any offenses committed through the network.


Art. 5 – Compromise clause

Any dispute over the interpretation and execution of the agreement may be referred to a conciliator, appointed by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, which will decide on the techniques of online conciliation as permitted by the Dlgs. 70/2003.


Art. 6 – Cancellations

To get a cancellation of a reservation, the USER finds the necessary information within the ROMEPARKING site and undertakes to use the features provided by contacting the contracted parking facility directly.

Cancellation requests made using the “CONTACT” section are automatically handled by the structures and notice of cancellation, ie the time between the scheduled arrival time at the parking lot and the time when ROMEPARKING will note the cancellation, is calculated from the time the cancellation request is sent.

Bookings with parking fees can also be canceled by contacting the agreed ROMEPARKING telephone at the contact details provided on the agreed parking site.

You can use this feature at least 48 hours notice from the start of the stop at the time of booking. Alternatively, the request can be sent to ROMEPARKING Customer Support, from the contact page. Cancellation and redemption requests sent by email will be processed during office hours (Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 19:00 – excluding holidays). The notice period of the request is calculated from the time ROMEPARKING has the ability to process the cancellation request. For this reason, it is advisable to make the cancellation requests using the “CONTACT US” section.

If the above conditions are met, the amount paid for the reservation will be refunded by deducting the administrative and accounting costs, equal to 5% of the amount to be reimbursed, with a minimum of Euro 5.00.

In the case of a new reservation with advance payment, a refund of the previous booking is guaranteed.

Under no circumstances will it be possible to repay the amount of a prepayment reservation where the refund request has been sent after the booked entry date

Art. 7 – General

The USER declares and acknowledges that it has read all of these conditions in its entirety.

Access to any of the services provided through the linked site or sites or through ROMEPARKING applications implies acceptance, without any reservation by the USER, of these general terms of use.

In some cases, ROMEPARKING may decide not to apply one or some of the above forecasts. This does not imply that ROMEPARKING can not equally apply one or all of these forecasts where appropriate.

7.1 If any of the foregoing predictions is not applicable, the others will continue to be fully effective.

7.2 In the event that services have been purchased on behalf of a third party, consent to these terms and conditions is intended to be provided for itself and as a third party representative.

7.3 Any legal issue arising out of, or linked to, the contract between ROMEPARKING and the Provider of the confirmation of the purchase of services will be interpreted and regulated in accordance with Italian law. The Rome Tribunal has sole jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising or otherwise related to these Terms and Conditions.

7.4 ROMEPARKING reserves the right, whenever it deems it necessary, to amend and / or supplement these Terms and Conditions. The updated version will be available on and linked sites or you can get it directly to ROMEPARKING.

7.5 For information on the site and related sites, please refer to the dedicated sections of the site for recurring questions or write to

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